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Grammar Exchange Guidelines

Azar Grammar Exchange is a global question-and-answer forum where you can post questions about English Grammar and usage, comment on postings by other members, and receive informed answers from the Grammar Exchange team.

1. Subject Matter of Postings

All postings, with few exceptions (e.g., thank-you notes), should concern English grammar. Threads started about any other subject matter will be deleted. Solicitation is prohibited. Spam postings are filtered, and spammers are banned.

2. We Are Not a Proofreading or Copyediting Service

Please do not start threads requesting feedback on the grammatical correctness of a written passage. Instead, ask a question about what you believe to be the source of your grammatical difficulty, using one or more example sentences.

3. We Are Not a Homework-Completion Service

Please do not start threads requesting answers to an exercise set. You may, however, ask about an individual exercise that may be giving you trouble, provided you state what you believe the answer to be and give your reasoning.

4. Quotations

Plagiarism will not be tolerated. If you post words that are not your own, you must show that they are not your own words. Do this either by enclosing quoted matter between quotation marks or by using the quote-box feature.

5. Citing Sources

Include a reference to the source of any quotation you use. State the author's name and/or the title of the publication. Whenever possible, it is good to cite the year, the date, the publisher, and the page numbers. Links to quoted matter are appreciated.

6. Example Sentences and Phrases

Examples are indispensable in discussing grammar. Include at least one example sentence or phrase (one containing the construction in which you are interested) when starting a thread. For ease of reference, please number the example(s).

7. Titles

Title a thread so that it reflects the grammatical topic of the thread; never use titles like "Grammar," "Help!," "Is this correct?," etc. Also, make sure to include the phrase or sentence in question within the body of your post.

8. Initiating Discussion Threads

Succinctness is a virtue at this forum. Please put your grammar questions as simply as you can. Also, keep the threads you start to a maximum of four per day, and begin a new thread when asking a question unrelated to the original topic.

9. Professionalism and Politeness

Please be courteous to fellow members and visitors to the forum by refraining from using any language that may hurt the feelings of others or offend them. Whenever possible, choose examples that do not deal with politics, sex, or religion.

10. Contact

If you wish to speak to the Moderator about any of these guidelines or about anything else relating to the administration of this website, you may e-mail him at Please do not e-mail him with grammar questions.