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A Belated "Happy New Year!"

Dear Grammar Exchange Members,

I hope all of you were able to enjoy a pleasant New Year's celebration this year in spite of the challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic, which I don't think anybody thought would persist as long as it has. Fittingly, in New York City, the New Year's song this year was "I Will Survive" (Gloria Gaynor, 1978). 

My apologies for taking so long to start this thread. It has long been traditional to have a New Year's thread on the Grammar Exchange, and I think it is only right that the tradition be continued, especially since, with a COVID-19 vaccine already being distributed, there truly is cause for celebration.

Come what may, we can always take comfort in studying English grammar, which ever affords sources of pleasure and illumination to its devotees, native and nonnative alike. My sincere thanks to all of you for your thought-provoking questions and contributions, especially those of our long-term members.

Welcome to the newcomers! We are glad you are here. I hope everyone will feel free to add a post in this thread. It's an opportunity to make a (positive) post here which need not have anything to do with grammar and which will not be subject to grammatical criticism. I invite you to express yourself.

With special thanks to my colleague Gustavo, without whose wonderfully valuable contributions G.E. would suffer more than if it had caught the coronavirus itself, I remain your devoted moderator, and wish you all a healthy, safe, and prosperous new year!


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