Reply to "a series of meetings"

Yes, contra Bazza, both can be correct; that is, it is possible for either a singular or a plural verb to be used with "series." I agree with everything DocV and Gustavo have said.

I'm sorry I neglected to reply sooner. DocV and I had discussed the matter briefly in e-mail, and I somehow lost track of the fact that neither of us had actually made a post in this thread!

The Google Book data below support the consensus of DocV, Gustavo, and me regarding "series." Both the singular and the plural are widely used, both with "meetings" and other nouns.

    "a series of meetings is": 5,860
    "a series of meetings was": 17,100
    "a series of meetings has": 2,810

    "a series of classes is": 9
    "a series of classes was": 9
    "a series of classes has": 65

    "a series of interviews is": 1,660
    "a series of interviews was": 3,450
    "a series of interviews has": 377

    "a series of games is": 2,550
    "a series of games was": 1,250
    "a series of games has": 5


    "a series of meetings are": 1,570
    "a series of meetings were": 32,100
    "a series of meetings have": 8,840

    "a series of classes are": 923
    "a series of classes were": 3
    "a series of classes have": 0

    "a series of interviews are": 1,340
    "a series of interviews were": 7,450
    "a series of interviews have": 978

    "a series of games are": 6
    "a series of games were": 792
    "a series of games have": 611