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Reply to "ago"

Hi, Ahmed,

@Ahmed.A.A posted:

What is the difference in meaning between:

1-"He didn't play tennis last week."

2-"He didn't play tennis a week ago."

Adverbials with ago establish a closer relationship with the present, as if we could draw a timeline between that moment and now. In fact, ago means "at a certain time before now."

Instead, adverbials with last refer to that point in the past, and are preferred when reference to the passage of time is not necessary.

Of the two sentences above, I prefer (1) — the speaker only wants to say what "he" did, or didn't do, last week.

I'd use "a week ago" to mean "one week before now," for example:

- A week ago I had no idea how to play tennis, and now I already know all of its rules.

I'd like to hear what David thinks about this.