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Reply to "As if & as though"

@ahmed_btm posted:

I have just wanted to check my understanding of the following four sentences:

a) You look as if you’ve seen a ghost. (present - present - real mood)
b) You look as if you saw a ghost. (present - past simple - subjunctive mood)

c) You look as if you had seen a ghost. (present - past perfect - subjunctive mood)

d) You looked as if you had seen a ghost. (past - past - real mood)

As opposed to David's "were seeing," which refers to an unreal present (the person is not seeing a ghost but looks as if (s)he were), my understanding of "(just) saw" (similar to "have seen") in (b) is that the person may have actually seen a ghost (real past).

I agree with your interpretation of (c) and (d).

In both (b) and (d) the presence of "as if" makes it sound as if the actual sight of a ghost is or was a possibility.