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Reply to "Be shot to fame"

Hi, Kinto,

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I wish to ask whether the phrase “shoot to fame” can be in the passive voice. For example, is this sentence from a newspaper “Nation Thailand” using the phrase correctly?

“Phoudoi Xayachak was shot to fame after his photo was posted on social media. He is now thought to be the tallest man in Laos.”

Here, I rule out the possible scenario where someone could be made famous by being violently shot with a gunman. In other words, can “be shot to fame” be interchangeable with “shoot to fame”? The passive voice doesn’t make sense to me, but seems to be widely used by some Asian journalist writers as I observe on the Internet.


I see that 'shoot to fame' is used exactly like 'rise to fame'. Both of them can't be passivized. On COCA, all the examples with 'shoot to fame' are in the active voice.

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