Reply to "Burger King burgers vs. Burger King's burgers"

Hello, Grammarcrazed! It's really great to see you posting again. We've missed you -- your presence here in writing, I mean. I hope you're doing well. You have a great avatar. I'm a big fan of Beethoven.

grammarcrazed posted:

Which of the following would you guys write?

a. He came back with more Burger King burgers.

b. He came back with more Burger King's burgers.

If I had to write one of those sentences, I would write (a). But I'd be more likely to use (c) or (d):

(c) He came back with more burgers from Burger King.

(d) He came back from Burger King with more burgers.

I wonder what Beethoven would have written. He couldn't go to Burger King.