Reply to "malign your job"

ansonman posted:

This is slightly related to one of my previous posts. Suppose that you make a lot of negative comments about your job. You are always saying bad things like: long work hours, low pay, no breaks, strict workplace rules, terrible manager, and so on.

(ex) You are maligning your job.

Is it correct to say "malign your job"? Thanks for your time and help.

Hi, Ansonman,

No, "malign" is not being appropriately used in that sentence, and I think you understand why; otherwise you wouldn't have said that this is related to one of your previous threads. Why not use one of these sentences instead?

  • You are complaining about your job.
  • You are whining about your job.
  • You are looking at the minuses of your job. (cf. "the pluses and minuses")