Reply to ""fun", comparative form?"

Do you mean what other nouns can be used with anticipatory it + an infinitive? Not nearly as many as adjectives! A few are:

It's work to...

It's a pleasure to...
It's a shame/pity to...
It's a problem to...
It's a blessing to...

Of course, making comparisons with these count nouns would be different: "it's more of a xxx to..." or "it's a bigger/greater xxx to..."

Here's an interesting USAGE NOTE from the American Heritage Dictionary:

USAGE NOTE The use of fun as an attributive adjective, as in a fun time, a fun place, probably originated in a playful reanalysis of the use of the word in sentences such as It is fun to ski, where fun has the syntactic function of adjectives such as amusing or enjoyable.

The usage became popular in the 1950s and 1960s, though there is some evidence to suggest that it has 19th-century antecedents, but it can still raise eyebrows among traditionalists. The day may come when this usage is entirely unremarkable, but writers may want to avoid it in more formal contexts.
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