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Yama posted:

Meteorologists predict that the temperature ................. during the weekend. 


a)  is dropping         b)  is going to drop         c)  will drop         d)  drops



Which one is the correct answer? I prefer (b) because this sentence represents a prediction based on evidence.

By "evidence" I mean "Meteorologists" 

* This question is taken from an ESL book called "The Best"



When a sentence begins with 'meteorologists' or 'scientists', that doesn't mean that we have an outside reality or some kind of evidence. It could be just their mere prediction about something that will happen in the future. In our exams, when 'predict' is used to talk about what will happen in the future, it is followed by 'will'. That's why the model answer here is 'will drop'. Another reason for preferring 'will' in this example is that it is more formal than 'be going to'.

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