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Hi, Rasaa,

@rasaa960 posted:

Are these two sentences right ?

Five books were what I bought yesterday .

What I bought yesterday was five books.

Both are grammatically correct. Concerning 'b', you can also use 'were'. Michael Swan 3rd edition indicates such a point and explains it in detail page 522. He says, "In English a verb normally agrees with the subject of a sentence, not with a following complement."

- The biggest time-waster is meetings.

He goes on saying, "However, if the subject is a long way from the verb, people sometimes make the verb agree with a complement." and then he comes to the answer to your question saying, "This often happens, too, when the subject is a relative what-clause, especially when the complement is long."

- What I am most interested in is/are your immediate personal reactions.
- What
we need is/are a few bright young engineers.

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