Reply to "I am wanting"


What an interesting thread you have dredged up.  It literally dates back to the earliest days of the Grammar Exchange, years before David, Gustavo, or I had ever heard of it.  It began in 2003 (or perhaps even earlier; it's just that it was sixteen years ago today that the first three posts were transcribed into the then-current format).  The thread lay dormant for more than five years, then was resurrected by Dr Ibrahim, to whom Rachel replied a couple of times.  The thread was then ignored for another half a year, then revived again by Dr Ibrahim, with a bit of back-and-forth with Rachel all on the same day.  It was revived yet again after almost a year and a half.  Now, after nearly nine years later, the thread comes up yet again!

Tara, I respect your choice to start a new thread with a link to the older one, rather than just adding onto the old thread.  Both ways work, but I think your way is a cleaner approach after all these years.  If you'd like suggestions as to how to make your presentation even more elegant, send me an e-mail.  I think you have my address.

So, you have directly quoted a three-paragraph section from a post that Bob Cordell made on this forum sixteen years ago.  I've never interacted with Mr Cordell personally, but he does seem to be fairly intelligent, even though his writing is inexcusably sloppy for a forum such as this.  (I hope you are aware, for example, that in the passage you quoted, "refelctive" is supposed to be "reflective".)

I greatly prefer Rachel's take on this (and perhaps, to a lesser extent, Dr Ibrahim's) over Mr Cordell's.  I agree with Mr Cordell when he says:

'I want him to go to nursery school.'
has a subtle difference in meaning from
'I'm wanting him to go to nursery school.'

Where I disagree is what that difference is.  To me, the difference is not about "doubts", as Mr Cordell suggests.  Rather, I hear the "I want ... " version as something that has always been part of my plan, whereas "I'm wanting ... " conveys more of a sense of immediacy or currency.  This is what seems important to me right now.

Does this help at all?