Reply to "I am wanting"

David, thank you for your response, and for these specific examples, which do an excellent job of illustrating the "sense of immediacy or currency" that I spoke of, and what Rachel calls the momentary condition.  (In retrospect, I find her phrase more elegant than mine.)

Terry wrote:

I want to have a girlfriend.

This sounds a bit strange to me.  It is not ungrammatical, per se, but I would find it more natural to say:

I wish I had a girlfriend.

Terry also wrote:

Today is Valentine’s Day. I am wanting to have a girlfriend badly.

Terry, in accordance with what Rachel, David, and I have said about the momentary, the temporary, and the immediate with regard to the progressive construction as used here, I would surmise that what you want to have badly (or rather, what the character who speaks wants to have badly, since you say that this does not really reflect your own intention) is not exactly what I would call a girlfriend.

Tara wrote:

I started a new thread since that thread is about stative verbs but I had questions about just "want"

Yes, and as I say, that was the best decision here.

Sorry DocV, I really don't have any suggestion

About what?

Thank you very much

You are very welcome.  Thank you for your questions here and your continuing presence on the forum.