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Reply to "If Clause as objective"

Hello, Nike, and welcome to the Grammar Exchange.

@nike2k posted:

How do we use if clause inside objective of verbs such as “said”, “believed”. Which of following is correct?

1. They believed if they get older they’ll settle.
2. They believed if they got older they’d settle.
3. He said if he works hard he will be rich.
4. He said if he worked hard he would be rich.
5. He said if he had worked hard he’d have been rich.

The "if"-clause is not the object of "said" or "believed" in those examples. The object of "said" and "believed" is a "that"-clause from which "that" has been omitted. Within the "that"-clause is the "if"-clause and the "then"-clause:

  • He said (that) if he worked harder (then) he would be rich.
  • He said (that) he would be rich if he worked harder.
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