Reply to "Ing clauses in final position"

Robby zhu posted:

Is it possible to rescue it from ungrammaticality by making a little changeļ¼Ÿ

I like the change that Gustavo has suggested; "as a result" makes it clear that the scolding came as a result of his breaking the glass.

I also agree that original sentence does not work. Perhaps present-participial clauses of result don't work well in the passive, without overt indicators of result.

Here is another way of fixing the sentence. Notice that it does not use the passive and does not need an overt indicator of result:

  • He broke the glass, earning a scolding from his mother.

Although no overt indicator of result is needed there, we could add "thereby" before "earning" to make it extra clear.

  • He broke the glass, thereby earning a scolding from his mother.

One other way to fix the sentence is to use an absolute clause with an indicator of result like "forthwith." This fix is rather formal and old-fashioned.

  • He broke the glass, his mother scolding him forthwith.