Is "absolutely anything" B1 or B2 on the EGP?

Can anyone see the difference in complexity?  I can't...

I am trying to see the difference between two entries on the English Grammar Profile.  They have this point of grammar under adverbs and under pronouns but have given it different proficiency levels (I tagged the example with claws 7 tagset):

B2 degree adverbs to modify pronouns.

This_DD1 is_VBZ the_AT most_RGT crowded_JJ place_NN1 in_II my_APPGE town_NN1 and_CC you_PPY can_VM buy_VVI absolutely_RR anything_PN1 you_PPY like_VV0 ._.

B1 premodifiers with indefinite pronouns, often to intensify.

You_PPY can_VM find_VVI absolutely_RR anything_PN1 ,_, whatever_DDQV you_PPY need_VV0 ._.

I'm also adding data from a corpus on my blog to see if I can find some logic.   

Thanks for any help in advance, usually I can find this information through my own research but this one has me stumped.



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