Reply to "Is "absolutely anything" B1 or B2 on the EGP?"

EG posted:

The "computer language" is a part-of-speech tagset which is usually used for corpus linguistics.  I find it a quick way to spot the difference in patterns. 

Hi, EG,

Wouldn't it have been easier to write the sentences from your blog rather than those obscure formulas? (By the way, please notice the typo.)

According to the English Grammar Profile:

"You can find absolutely anything, whatever you need." = premodified indefinite pronoun is intensifying, so therefore this is only considered B1.


"This is the most crowded place in my town and you can buy absolutely anything you like." = the degree adverb modifies the pronoun and is therefore considered B2.

It is clear that both structures are similar, the only difference being that the first one is reinforced by the appositive "whatever you need," while the second one takes a restrictive clause ("you like").

I'm not an expert at classifying contents according to their level, but you must know that there are some boundary cases that are shared by adjacent levels. I really don't see the point of making such extremely detailed distinctions. I find it to be a waste of time.

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