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Reply to "Is it a rhetoric Question?"

Kru Mart posted:

Which alternative is the correct one?

xxx ________________he_______________?

1.Doesn't/play tennis very well

2.isn't/very good at playing tennis

3.Doesn't/play tennis well

4.isn't/a very good tennis player

[Please help me answer the question, and your explanation is also desperately needed.]

Hello, Kru Mart, and welcome to the Grammar Exchange!

It is almost impossible to decipher the question you are trying to ask, but I'm assuming that the auxiliary verb before the slash in the answers is meant to go in the first blank in "xxx ________________he_______________?" and that the words that come after the slash are supposed to go in the second blank. If my assumptions are correct, then the third answer is the best:

  • Doesn't he play tennis well?

That question could indeed be used as a rhetorical question. If it were used that way, it would be equivalent in meaning to the statement "He plays tennis well." It could also be used as a standard negative yes-no question. In that case, the sentence would be asking for confirmation of the speaker's belief that he plays tennis well.

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