Reply to "is or are?"

Thank you for your kind reply.

I know what you mean and your preference for other structures is more than valid. However, the structure in the original sentence is not ungrammatical, too.

We can say like this: The report fails to define what is meant by the term ‘key issues’, instead of The report fails to define what the term 'key issues' mean.

And in the passge above (We do not make them, if by “we” is meant our conscious minds.),   'inversion' is used, as in "In the envelope was tucked a two- dollar bill". Here, a two-dollar bill is subject. 

Again, my question is about the 'agreement'.

I think the clause in question can be paraphrased like our consious minds mean "we", not our consious minds means "we", although sounding awkward - cause "we" is old information, so the original one sound more natural.

And again, my question:

by “we” [is / are] meant our conscious minds 

Which one is right, is or are?

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