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@Tony C posted:

1. what is actually semantic relations?

Semantics has to do with meaning, so semantic relations describe how two or more words are related to each other from the point of view of meaning. For example, in currency basket the noun "currency" expresses what the "basket" contains (a mix of currencies), while in leather basket the noun "leather" expresses the material the basket is made of.

@Tony C posted:

2. Chair leg= leg of the chair to describe actual possession. If so, can I say chair’s leg.

No, we don't use the possessive case with inanimate objects. See this.

@Tony C posted:

3. Am i correct to say, we can use two noun to form a phrase, which is used to refer to the below.

A. Possession

b. Referential possession

c. General noun

d. Origin , e.g. Indonesia Citizen

e. Quality: e.g ship colour, ship length

f. What do u mean by bird flight? The bird flies? Thanks!

Yes, you can put certain nouns together to form noun phrases where the first noun is an attribute and the second one, the head (the main noun in the phrase).

c. I don't know what you mean by "general noun."

d. Whenever there is an adjective, it's better to use it:

- an Indonesian citizen / a citizen of Indonesia
- a Spanish citizen / a citizen of Spain

When the name of the country is an abbreviation, we can use it in attributive position:

- a U.S. citizen / an American citizen
- a U.K. citizen / a British citizen

e. Yes, those phrases are correct.

f. "bird flight" means "the flight of a bird" or "the flight of birds." "flight" means "the action of flying."

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