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What are the differences in meaning, if any, in each group of sentences?

1. a. May I use your phone?
b. Could I use your phone?
c. Can I use your phone?

2. a. It might not be Sally.
b. It may not be Sally.
c. It couldn't be Sally.
d. It can't be Sally.

3. a. I have to go.
b. I should go.
c. I'm supposed to go.
d. I'd better go.

What do the sentences below mean or imply?

1. She should have done well on the test.

Do we know whether she did well on the test or not?

2. I didn't have to go to class yesterday.
I had to go to class yesterday.

Did I go?

3. I would rather have gone to the park.

Was I not able to go?

thanks a million!


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