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Reply to "Omission of articles for brevity"

@Kina posted:

I have seen sentences without articles in notes and signs. I'd like to know rules regarding when to omit them. Can I simply omit all of them?  Here is my example. 

"This serial title should be re-cataloged as (a) monograph: (the) subtitle, indicating (the) publishing group's 30th anniversary, is inappropriate, given that (the) succeeding issue celebrates (the) 40th anniversary."

Another question is what level of informality does the omission of articles give to those reading?

Hello, Kina—Articles tend to be omitted in newspaper titles, magazine titles, blog titles, photograph captions, etc., when their omission does no damage to meaning. Outside such environments, it is unusual to find articles omitted.

If you omit the articles in your example, you will destroy the sentence—though you could appropriately omit those articles in a text message, or if you need to transmit the message in code from the moon.

If you omit articles in places where it is not customary to do so, you will run the risk of sounding nonnative, since it is common for nonnative speakers not to know when to use articles when they should be used.

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