Reply to "'ON / IN / AT the premises'"

In addition to "on the premises" and "in the premises," you could say "at the premises."

"At" in this case is used to indicate a point in a general vicinity, like the "at" in "She's at the office," or, I'll meet you at the restaurant."

Google shows 75,600 examples of "at the premises," as in these examples:

"¢ ... must not assault, molest, harass, threaten or otherwise interfere with the protected person(s). 2. The defendant must not reside at the premises at which the ... - Similar pages

"¢ ... That such officer(s) shall make a detailed inventory as to the property seized,leaving a copy thereof at the premises, as well as personally serving a copy on reading_room/usam/title6/tax00025.htm

Google shows 70,200 examples of "at the [adjective] premises":

"¢ ... exhibitor. GENERAL STAND REQUIREMENTS. Adhesive, pins, nails or Velcro must not be used on any wall at the exhibition premises. Any ... -

"¢... The reporting of cattle movements shall be the sole responsibility of the receiving premises or person responsible for the animals at the receiving premises
. ...

The preposition to use with "the premises" – in, on, or at – appears to follow the usual patterns for the prepositions of place.

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