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Reply to "Past Cont vs Past Perfect Cont,"

Ahmed_btm (and to this day I still have no idea what "btm" means) wrote:

DOCV, who we miss very much on this forum and hope that he is perfectly well, sees that the only correct answer here is: a) was playing.

My dear friend Ahmed, I believe you meant to write "whom we miss on this forum", and for what it's worth, the name is DocV, not DOCV.  There still appear to be formatting issues that are beyond David's control, or mine.

I apologize to you, sir, and to my dear friend David, and to Gustavo, and to certain other members.  Tara certainly comes to mind.  There are others.  I say to you all, I beg your pardon.

Some of you might need to be reminded that none of us, not I nor David nor Gustavo nor any other member, is getting paid for what we do here.  We do this because we love doing it.  I thank David for continuing to allow me to be part of this project, and I'm truly sorry that things come up from time to time that prevent me from dedicating my full attention to it.  Life happens.

David's reply to Rasha Assem is totally correct, of course.  I really should have said that I found (a) to be the "best" answer, not the "only correct" answer.  David's justifications for (c) and (d), and even (b), stand up to logic.  But I still stand by Tara's answer (a) as the most natural to my ears.

I hope to be able to resume my full-time presence on the forum soon.  Again, my apologies to all of you for my failure to be on duty.  And although I realize that this forum is supposed to be a neutral zone when it comes to religion, I would like to express my desire that a certain member of the forum, and the family of that member, be blessed.

With love to you all,