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Reply to "Percentagewise"

It is in the Oxford English Dictionary, but with a hyphen: "percentage-wise."


percentage-wise, adv.

Pronunciation: Brit. /pəˈsɛntɪdʒˌwʌɪz/
U.S. /pərˈsɛn(t)ɪdʒˌwaɪz/
Origin: Formed within English, by compounding. Etymons: percentage n., -wise comb. form.

As a percentage; as regards percentages; (more generally) relatively.

1912   F. Soddy Matter & Energy ii. 53   Quite a large number of commonly occurring compounds had been analysed by chemists and the composition expressed percentage-wise as above.
1960   Guardian 8 Mar. 1/2   The number of deaths percentagewise is far less than other other heating means.
1991   N.Y. Times 8 Oct. b11/4   Harper threw out only 28 of 126 potential base-stealers this season, the worst record percentage-wise in the league.

Most dictionaries show it with a hyphen. Except for this one:

I'm worried since I intend to use it on my IELTS.