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Reply to "Percentagewise"

@Ashraful Haque posted:

I'm worried since I intend to use it on my IELTS.

I agree with Lucas that the hyphen is stylistically optional in "percentage(-)wise." Would you like to share with us the sentence you are considering using, or the type of sentence you are considering using, on your IELTS?

There may be a  more formal way of phrasing it. I generally use "-wise"-formations like this when I'm speaking informally. In informal English, they may be coined at will -- e.g.: "How are you dinner-wise? Have you eaten yet?"

I found this example on a dictionary: "this college ranked second in the nation percentagewise in the production of scientists."

That sentence could be rephrased like this:

  • This college ranked second highest in the nation in the percentage of scientists produced.
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