Reply to "praise/compliment your job"

ansonman posted:

Suppose that you make a lot of positive comments about your job. You are always saying good things like: it's a very easy job, you get paid a lot, you can have lots of breaks, your manager frequently buys everyone lunch, and so on. 

(ex) You are praising (or complimenting) your job a lot.

Hi, Ansonman,

Unfortunately, neither "praise" nor "compliment" works there. We praise and compliment other people and sometimes the things they produce, like sentences.

However, we don't praise or compliment objects and other nonsentient entities, including jobs, which can neither be praised nor flattered. You could use "tout," "promote," "talk up," or "show off about":

  • He is touting his job. / He is promoting his job.
  • He is talking up his job. / He is talking his job up.
  • He is showing off his job. / He is showing his job off.