Reply to "Present perfect simple VS Present perfect continuous"

Could I add something?
Both tenses, the present perfect and the present perfect continuous, deals with the idea of an action that happened in the past but have some connection with the present. This connection, in some cases, is a result of a stated action. For example
1) I've washed the dishes. They are clean.
2) I've been washing the dishes. I'm tired.
Both sentences have a result in the present. However, the focus, in the present perfect continuous, is on the activity itself. That's why the result added is 'being tired' which is a result of the activity going on for some time , whether it ended or not is not clear. While the focus, in the present perfect, is on the completion of the action. That's why the result mentioned is 'the clean dishes' which won't occur unless the washing-up is finished and completed.

Hope there things
1- I haven't stepped out of the line when I shared my thoughts. 
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3- I am correct.