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Reply to "Present perfect with since"

Hi, Ahmed Towab,

@Ahmed towab posted:


What about this example?

I haven't eaten anything since I have left home this morning.

In my opinion, ( has left) doesn't work in this context.

What do you think?

From 'A Comprehensive Grammar of the English Language', page 1018:

"The present perfective may also be used in the pattern It + Be + time expression, when there is no explicit indication of point in time, such as last:

- It has been a long time since I've seen Gerlad (cf: I haven't seen Gerlad for a long time).

The present perfective is similarly used occasionally for other since clauses that refer to a point of time, eg: I've been lonely since you've left."

In your example above, I see that 'left' goes well with 'this morning'.

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