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Reply to "Regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic"

David, Moderator posted:

Although we may not know each other personally, we all know that there is much more to us than the English grammar issues we discuss here.

This post is devoted to the dimensions of you and your lives that I know nothing about. I celebrate all of you and wish you something far greater than improved English grammar knowledge at this time.

Your post above was really very nice, David. I think the sentences I quoted are particularly good to depict this forum: we are a community of people from all over the world that now shares, apart from our interest in English grammar, our wish to overcome this universal plight as soon as possible. For us to get to know each other better and perhaps feel a bit closer, I suggest that we add a short post to this thread saying where we are from and, perhaps, what we do and how we are currently getting on.

I am currently working for my company from my home and will be teaching through a virtual environment until we can resume our normal lessons at university. We have been in social isolation for 15 days and still have another 15 days to go. Best wishes from Argentina!


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