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David, Moderator posted:
Wael Shaltoot posted:

Hello Ahmed, there must be a comma after a woman,......... This is what I really think. Thus, the answer is Which. Yet, if you insist on Your sentence, then I must agree with the comment of David. 

Hi, Wael Shaltoot,

There is no comma after "woman," and "which" is ungrammatical. Therefore, "which" is NOT the answer. I'm afraid you are wrong.

If there were a comma after "woman," the sentence would be grammatical; however, the relative clause would not modify "woman."

The sentence "I met a woman, which I found very interesting" means the speaker found it very interesting to meet a woman. It's a totally different meaning.

Hi David, I do know there is no comma in the main post. It is an assumption. I do know if there were a comma, then "which is the only Grammatical solution, cos in that case" which"refers to M EETING A WOMAN as an action. Really, I have come across  this sentence in an outside  book and noticed the comma, so I thought the post maker forgot it. That is all. Again, without a comma, surely Which is completely WRONG. 

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