Reported Speech

1- My friend told me that he ………. the visa to the USA until he had paid for it.

a doesn’t take        

b won’t take          

c hadn’t taken        

d didn’t take         

I think that 'c' is the correct answer as the verb was 'didn't take' which when reported will change into 'hadn't taken', but then one teacher told me that 'd' is the correct answer. So can anyone here help me with this sentence.

2- She told me that I ………………. due care to my work. I actually appreciate her advice.

a needn’t have given          

b could have given

c should have given          

d should give                                               

I can't make up my mind whether it's d or c.  Thanks if anyone cane give me a hand.

3- Rami wondered when the general manager ………….. to attend the next conference.

a will travel          

b would travel        

c has travelled        

d was travelling         

I am wondering if 'b' & 'd' are both possible?

From the exercises on Longman site for NewHelloEgypt. (There are no answer supplied)

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