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Reply to "Self-driving cars <is/are> an example"

Hello again, deepcosmos—I don't think that that sentence doesn't work. That sentence is fine. We weren't talking about that sentence. We were talking about the sentence in which "self-driving cars" comes first.

No, "that of" is not essential. Indeed, in my opinion, it makes the sentence worse, precisely because there is no need for it. Notice that nobody would say something like "An example of an ice-cream flavor is the example of chocolate."

Hi, David, really thanks for you reply.

1. Then, would you kindly explain whether the inverted version B could be a good alternative and be rescued, if the original sentence reads A?;

A. Self-driving cars, where  . . . the driving, are an example of a joint cognitive system.

B. An example of a joint cognitive system is self-driving cars, where . . . the driving.

2. By the way, if you don't mind, would you also share your opinion for the following thread, though Gustavo has already given me really good explanation, which I'm appreciating;