Reply to "So or such"

I agree with DocV that "so" is the correct answer:

  • There were so few people around, the streets were almost deserted.

I have a small doubt, DocV. Would you say that comma is correct? I would have said:

  • There were so few people around the streets were almost deserted.

I think (d)  is the right answer because the space is followed by ( adjective + noun )

That's an interesting point, Yama. It is true that adjectives are usually preceded by "such" in that kind of constructions, for example:

  • There were such beautiful girls around he couldn't avoid gazing at them.

Now, why does "few" take "so" and not "such"? Because it is not an adjective, but a determiner that indicates quantity, like little, many, much.

We can thus say:

  • There were so many people around I could hardly move.
  • There was so much noise around I could hardly hear a word.
  • There was so little fresh air inside the room I could hardly breathe.