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The following definition of the word “State” (verb) is from the OED.

8.8 To declare in words; to represent (a matter) in all the circumstances of modification; to set out fully or in a definite form.

My understanding of the two parts of the threefold definition is something like the following.

To declare in words: To describe using words.

To set out fully or in a definite form: To describe a thing or event to the full, or to describe a thing or event in a way that is enough to bring out its nature or essential features.

What I am unable to understand is the ‘to represent (a matter) in all the circumstances of modification’ part, both in terms of meaning and implication.

All the examples under this definition are provided herein under. Kindly point me the relevant example that brings out the implication of “all the circumstances of modification” fully. And, kindly provide a few examples.

1647 Clarendon Hist. Reb. i. §34 Whereupon it was thought fit that the whole affair‥should be stated and enlarged upon in a conference between the two Houses.

1667 Boyle Orig. Formes & Qual. (ed. 2) 332 Themes, where the names that are of very common and necessary use have (yet) their significations very little stated or agreed upon.

1764 Goldsm. Trav. 361 Yet think not, thus when Freedom's ills I state, I mean to flatter kings, or court the great.

1781 Cowper Convers. 816 It has indeed been told me (with what weight, How credible, 'tis hard for me to state) That [etc.].

1802 M. Edgeworth Mor. Tales, Forester xii. (1848) 57 The facts were so plainly and forcibly stated, that his hopes even from law began to falter.

1810 Scott Let. in Lockhart (1837) II. viii. 284 The only purpose which I suppose Lord Lauderdale had in view was to state charges which could neither be understood nor refuted.

1860 Tyndall Glac. ii. i. 224 It will not be a useless labour‥to state‥our present views of light and heat.

1862 Kalisch Hebr. Gram. i. 19 Exercise vii. State the reasons why metheg is employed in the following words.

1891 Law Times XC. 463/1 The contents of the deed were falsely stated.


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