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kuen posted:

Do these expressions below also sound rather unlikely to you or is it case-by-case?

"go and hike"/"go hike"

"go and ski"/ "go ski"

"go and shop"/ "go shop"

"go and ride" / "go ride" etc.

Thank you very much for your explanation.

Yes, they also sound rather unlikely to me, and, no, it is not a case-by-case thing.  You can apply the explanation I gave you in my last post to any of the limited number of phrases that we use "go V-ing" with.

While it is grammatically acceptable to use "go and shop" or "go shop," if one wishes to focus solely on the type of activity, it is more natural to use "go shopping" (go swimming, go hiking, go skiing, go hunting, etc.).

Again, as I have already explained to you, "go and hike" and "go shop" (insert whatever verb you want) refers to the whole situation, not merely to the activity after it has begun. E.g.: "They are going to go (and) hike Mt. Kilimanjaro."

But that doesn't mean that people never would say, simply, "go hike," "go fish," etc. Indeed there is even a card game called "Go Fish," as you can see in the image below.


When one card player another to "go fish," the meaning is not "go fishing." "Go fish" is a command to draw a card from "the pool." It refers to one complete action, not to an activity. Below is a play on words, which I won't explain to you.

fish yourself


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