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David, Moderator posted:
kuen posted:
I'm still not sure if I can use these expressions below instead of "Let's shop" in the context you gave above. So do they also sound natural here?

"Let's go shopping"

"Let's go (and) shop"

No, Kuen. It is not natural to use "go V-ing" or "go (and) [verb ]" when one doesn't need to go anywhere to do whatever it is one is talking about. You won't find native speakers saying, "Let's go surfing" if they're already in the water lying on their surfboards, or "Let's go bowling" if they're already at the bowling alley, or "Let's go ice skating" if they're already at an ice skating rink with their ice skates on, or "Let's go hunting" if they're already in the woods with their rifles, or "Let's go fishing" if they're on the lake with their fishing poles at the ready.

Hi David,

If they're not already in the water lying on their surfboards yet and still sitting on the beach, in this context, can I say

1. Let's go surfing or

2. Let's go and surf or

3. Let's go surf or

4. Let's go for a swim or

5. Let's surf.

Thank you  very much.