Reply to "take a walk"

kuen posted:
If the speaker means to suggest something that they hadn't thought of doing already (without planning ahead) when they are on the beach? Which expressions below are correct to be used here?

1. Let's go swimming.

2. Let's go and swim.

3. Let's go swim

4. Let's go to swim.

5. Let's go for a swim.

Hi, Kuen: In that context, all five of those sentences are OK; however, I would never say (4). It's grammatical, but it sounds strange to me there, and I can't imagine using it or hearing any other native speaker use it in that context.

Since this is becoming a never-ending discussion, Kuen, would you mind telling me what your particular interest is in these "go"-constructions? Are you doing a research project for a university? Do you hope to write a book on them? Thanks.