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Reply to "Terminology question"

Hi ahmed_btm,

Thank you for your encouragement to better formulate my question, and I feel I need to.

I’m in fact more interested in the -ed part blooded, minded, etc in these compound adjectives and wonder what they can be called grammatically. I have observed that there are two types of compound adjectives; one is adjective/adverb/noun + present participle/past participle, e.g.

award-winning (noun + present participle)
hard-working (adv + present participle)
good-looking (adj + present participle)
well-educated (adv + past participle)
homemade (noun + past participle)

But when it comes to compound adjectives such as able-bodied, absent-minded, quick-witted, strong-willed, high-spirited, I would like to tell my students the formula but I don’t feel I can call it adj + past participle, because these -ed words do not act like typical past participles at all for reasons I stated in my first post. I may confidently call it adj + N + -ed but as a formula or grammar rule it seems it could use a more technical or accurate name so I yearn for one.

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