Reply to "(The) use of articles in/with. (The) article use in/with"

We could say: This text deals with article usage in English writing.

Does "could" mean that we could say "with the article usage/use in English writing" as well? Would there be any difference in meaning?
Does the requirement of using "the" in "deals with the use of articles" have to do with the of-structure? 

It would be wrong to say: "deals with use of articles.

Gustavo, I don't quite understand whether this means that the title "Use of articles in English writing" would be also incorrect or not. I'm asking because omitting articles in titles occurs quite often.
Would you check the correctness/naturalness of the following example, please?

article title: Use of articles in English writing
text: The use of article in English writing follows several basic rules....
article subtitle: Use of articles in science writing
text: The use of articles in science writing  requires precision....

And lastly, may I omit articles in question titles? For example,

question title: Use of articles in English writing
text: Hello! I'd like to know about the use of articles/(-)article use in English writing....

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