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Reply to "The use of "AWARD" as a verb"

We have had the following sentence in our GSCE exam:

"He was awarded because of his scientific research."

Is this use of "award" with the indirect object (He) correct?

Or should the  wsentence be reworded to have a direct object, like this:

"He was awarded the Nobel Prize for his scientific research"?

Hi, Abdullah—I agree with Gemƴ  that the sentence doesn't work (well) as written, but "award" does not require the presence of two objects in the sentence. In the passive, the following (in which the prize is subject) is possible:

(1) The Nobel Prize has been awarded.

The GSCE example would work if "awarded" were changed to "rewarded":

(2) He was rewarded because of his scientific research.

You can also say:

(3) He was given an award because of his scientific research.

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