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What's the meaning of "threshold" in these sentences?

1) Big 12 Conference announces football game cancellation thresholds for 2020.

2)One of the final touches for a football season in a pandemic was the threshold for games being cancelled due to players being out for a positive test or contact tracing.

3) The Big 12 put in bye weeks of its nine-game conference schedule for a reason—if a game receives a no-contest due to the minimum threshold being exhausted, the schedule provides two open weeks and the Big 12 Championship can get moved back a week if needed.

4) Washoe County Schools land on coronavirus threshold, responds to cancellation protests.

5) The COVID-19 threshold discussion was not the only controversial topic during Tuesday's meeting.

6) If your account balance is greater than the cancellation threshold, make sure that all holds are removed and your account is eligible to receive payments.

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