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Heather W. posted:

My school uses an alligator as a mascot.  His name is Navi (pronounced Nav-ee) the navigator.  

We frequently use his name in the plural as we have various versions of his image.  How should we make his name plural? 



Please...anything but an unconventional use of the apostrophe.

Hi, GrammarCrazed,

Great to see you on the new platform, GrammarCrazed. It has been a long time since I last saw your great comments here. I'm very happy to see you here again.

Hi, Heather W,

I completely agree with GrammarCrazed. The plural of 'Navi' is 'Navis'. You can see the word 'Nazis' on LDOCE as the plural form of 'Nazi', which is close in its written form- and not in its meaning- to 'Navi'.