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Reply to "what + infinitive"

Robby zhu posted:

Thanks and a relevant question: can you use the passive voice in a "wh-word +infinitive "expression?

Gustavo, Contributor posted:

However, in answer to your question:

Is it grammatical, if the implied subject of an infinitive is the subject of the larger construction, but being in passive voice.

the answer is yes. Here is an example (I'll add others if they come to mind):

- The patient left instructions as to how to be treated in case he was unconscious.

Yes, it is possible to use a passive infinitival clause in the [wh-word + infinitival clause] construction when the wh-word in that construction is "how" or "where" or "when." These three words function adverbially in the embedded question:

  • He wants to know where to be treated for poison oak.
  • They don't know when to be inoculated for hepatitus.
  • She inquired how to be baptized into the church.