What is the antecedent of "it"?

This question is from Lina


Woud you help me get the meaning of the following paragragh, which is in the translation exercise? I'd like to ask what two "it"s refer to ( I capitarized "it" ).

Here is the exercise paragraph:

My mother accepted things as they were and was determined to make the situation work out well. Her love and devotion for my brother and me made our lack of material possessions seem insignificant. Even today, if I were given the choice between having wealth and no love at home or having love at home and no wealth, I would want IT just the way I had IT. I grew up poor in material things but rich in love, and that, to me, is the key to a happy childhood.

I think the sentence including these "it"s mean "I would choose the way of living as I had experienced." But I cannot find the specific word which refer to "IT." Is that "the choce"? For me "the choice " isn't the right answer.

I'd be happy to have a comment.
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