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Reply to "Which one is the same as <those>? <ones> or < the ones>?"

@GBLSU posted:

These books are books that you should read.

These books are the books that you should read.

The first sentence means that the mentioned books are some of the books that the person should read — there may be others. The second sentence means that those are the only books that the person is expected to read.

As you seem to have discovered, the presence of a restrictive relative clause does not mean that a definite article needs to be used before the plural noun — the article will be used or omitted depending on the closedness or openness of the class.

With singular nouns, a definite or an indefinite article will be respectively used in each case:

- This is a book that you should read. (There may be others.)
- This is the book that you should read. (The only one)

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