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Reply to "withholding vital information "from""

Your reference leads me to an article having to do with songs. Would you like me to try to find something pertaining to grammar in it?

Hi, David, I'm afraid but that wasn't what I meant. I was just trying to find the suitable usage of the curious 'from' through googling, which could be very close to your explanation (I feel this 'from' may be one of the most difficult cases to EFL learners, since this usage of 'from' is entirely different from other ordinary ones).

"She withheld something from them" means that she didn't give it to them. She kept it from them. It doesn't mean she kept them from doing something. Don't confuse yourself by trying to relate it to the "from V-ing construction," which, as I have already explained, has nothing to do with "withhold NP from NP."

I've known the difference between two and the point of my last question was if the two 'from's themselves belong to the same category (meaning) or not.

I would summarize what I've learned so far as follows;

1. The 'from' in "she withheld something from them" means 'not to' (to as preposition)'.

2. The 'from' in "she prohibited them from doing something" means 'what is prevented, or the object  prevented'.

Please don't hesitate any comment.