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1. A falling tree made a sound like a thunder.

2. A tree falling behind me made a sound like a thunder.

3. A tree falling made a sound like a thunder.

I think sentences 1 ,2 are correct, but not 3, because a single participial adjective "falling" has to be placed before the noun. Am I correct?



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David, Moderator posted:

Apple, I think that when Gustavo agreed with you he was agreeing with your comments about (3) and not with your belief that (1) and (2) were correct. All the examples are ungrammatical: you've used "thunder" as a count noun in all three.

Thank you, David, for clarifying that. I was in fact only agreeing with Apple's comments on the correct or incorrect position of the participle depending on whether it is used alone (falling tree) or with some adjunct (tree falling behind me).

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