1- ..........show(s) how a living thing will develop.

a) Genetic engineering b) Genes c) Cells

I go for 'b'. Am I right? 

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Hello, Omar Ahmed, and welcome to the Grammar Exchange!

Next time you ask a question (we hope you will ask many more), please provide a title that is more representative of your doubt, for example, "Genes or genetic engineering?"

Your question is more about biology than language, since it can only be answered after checking the concept expressed by the terms involved, for example here:

Genetic engineering The manipulating of genetic material in the laboratory. It includes isolating, copying, and multiplying genes, recombining genes or DNA from different species, and transferring genes from one species to another, bypassing the reproductive process.

Gene A unit of heredity, usually a stretch of genetic material (DNA or RNA) with a defined function in the organism or cell, such as one for a protein. There are many genes within a genome. For example, the human genome is now found to contain about 30 000 genes, while the rice genome has about 50 000.

Being units of heredity, it seems that "genes" is the right choice, since they will determine how an organism will develop.

gene: a part of a cell in a living thing that controls what it looks like, how it grows, and how it develops. People get their genes from their parents.

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