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Hello, @youknowwhowantstolearn,

1- As a member in this great forum, I'd like to advise you to use a good "subject" for your question. This forum is already called "The Grammar Exchange", so naming your question "a question related to grammar" isn't that good.

2- Concerning your question, here's what Professor Swan says in "Practical English Usage" 

I'm waiting, of course for the teachers' answer to your question


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=>It is important that himel ------------ his tasks

=>complete or completes ?

Hi, @youknowwhowantstolearn, and welcome to GE. And thank you, Ayman, for your contribution.

Both answers are possible (provided that Himel, which is a name, is properly written with a capital letter).

With the adjective "important," I think that the present indicative (completes) can mean that the person usually completes his tasks (this is something he does, and that is important: (The fact) that he completes his tasks is important), while the present subjunctive (complete) means that the person should complete his tasks (it's not clear if he does or not, but he'd better complete them).

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